Batch Render with different resolutions



Hi everyone,

Is it possible to set different resolutions (+other settings) for various scenes using batch render? (My intention is to batch render architectural still images, plans, perspectives, sections etc.)

Note: I use Sketchup Pro 2017 & Vray 3.4 (Beta)


Hello. I’m not sure you can do that. This question would be answered on a V-Ray forum better than here. I tried to find a SketchUp V-Ray forum for you but the only legit thing is the V-Ray section of SketchUcation Forum.
For some reason the V-Ray Product Support page says they have a SketchUp-related forum but upon clicking on the link, it leads to an empty page. They have a contact page though, which you can use to contact the company for you question.

- EDIT -
I’ve stumbled upon a ChaosGroup forum here -


Hi Vahé,

Thanks for suggesting the SketchUcation forum, i found this thread but no solution (dated 2014):
So i assume they still don’t have this feature and hope they can add it in the new release.

I also created a thread at ChaosGroup: