Batch render with different files ... not scenes


I am going to buy sketchup 2018 and vray 3.6 in a few minutes for my society
I have to render different object on white background for a catalog
so i need to use batch render for different files and i find video juste with scenes

File 1 : my object in blue and white
file 2 ; my object in red and black
file 3 : my object in yellow
So 3 files with the same object but with differente colors
and i want to batch the render for the night for these 3 files with vray render ?
how can i do ?

thx for your answer


Since this would be a Vray specific thing, you should ask on their forum or contact their customer support.


hello DaveR
i dont think it is a specific thing, this question can be ask with all the render … no ?


But the exact procedure would depend on the rendering application. It’s not really a SketchUp question.

I suppose you could open multiple instances of the rendering program and send the SketchUp file to each one. Then change the material color in each instance to suit.


i suppose too but i find no programm who can do what… no extension nothing
i will ask chaos so
thxs for all


You can do that in one file with layers and scenes and simply render the scenes.


Are you doing animation? you should not need to leave it rendering overnight for single scenes. If you have a GPU based engine and even a mid tier GPU you should be able to get good results in anywhere between 30 mins to a couple of hours. If you have hundreds of items to do, then perhaps look at using an offsite cloud service. You can send them files and they can do the heavy lifting.

As for specific colours thats something you will need to do manually (to my knowledge) unless you can program it in SketchUp with ruby.


Batch rendering scenes is no problem for Vray, so I suggest you 'll go with @box option.

It is render engine-specific, SUPodium can generate script files from different scenes and different files, put them in a special folder and start rendering all the different script-files when you leave the office.


Thea has capabilities for batch rendering too, so you could set up those various scenes to render. Thea also has a re-paintable feature for materials which when taken into Motiva Colimo you can change colors after rendering. I think this may apply out of V-Ray too.
The efficiency of this is that you may only need to do one render (which is the most time consuming) and then subsequently changing the colors (that have been assigned as repaintable) happens instantly and does not require re-rendering. The smart part of Colimo is that the colors and textures that are changed also update correctly in reflections and in bounced light off of those colors…

You can see example here.