Batch Convert PDF to DXF

Does anyone know a free way to batch convert pdf to dxf? I have done it with a script and Inkscape but often it shifts a lot of the lines when doing so and makes the dxf unuseable. Thanks in advance.

Is this in some way related to Sketchup?

Perhaps the OP needs to convert a bunch of PDF files to dxf to import as reference in his SketchUp projects.

Microsoft makes a free converter, no idea if it works well, on a Mac.

That’s what one might guess but who knows? He doesn’t say!

Yes, as DaveR said, I need to convert multiple PDF files to DXF to import into SketchUp.

This is the best one by far that does not first convert the pdf to an image which loses grabbing points. Unfortuantley when there is a high degree of layers in a PDF the program stalls out.

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