PDF advice

i seem to do something wrong.

i am trying to remodel a existing pdf and walked throug the tutorial jusing inktscape.

converting and importing is working but

1 pdf is of poor quality when converted. as pdf its fine and very detailed. is it possible that the original pdf is too old? old version ?

when converted ist not possible to work on the file. converted the pdf to dwg and dxf.
as soon as i select a line everything turns bleu . is this file then 1 layer or a group?

how to solve this ?



I think you need to give more information. Share the PDF and the dwg or dxf file so we can see what you are working with.

Normally when you import a dwg or dxf file into SketchUp it comes in as a component. In order to make any modifications to a component’s geometry you need to open it for editing. Right click on it and choose Edit Component or double click on it with the Select tool.

It usually works best to leave the imported DWG as is and create your model from scratch, using the imported component as reference. Especially when you started with a PDF, the result may have many inaccuracies that are a nuisance to correct.