PDF importing for SU Pro?

Designers keep sending me PDFs of blueprints which require converting to DXF etc, and often end up with extra lines, etc.
Any have a good method for seamless imports of PDFs to SU?
(Windows 10)

I’m on a Mac so it’s native, but I generally convert the PDF to DWG or DXF.

This is a plug-in I have not tried:

There are a few others out there. I prefer to bring in a converted file because I can snap / model to it.

Thank you sir.

Do your PDFs import flawlessly on a MAC, including line weights?

That would be another reason to jump ship…

When you bring in the PDF direct on a Mac its just like bringing in a photo. So what you see is what you get. Here is a sample from another post I just tested for someone:

If you want to bring in vector linework that you can scale and model from you’ll need to convert, but you will lose widths, and have to clean up all the layers and extra geometry.

Aha- it doesn’t sound any better than converting it to DXF, if it’s only importing as a raster…

Thank you for the info!