Basic Question: Copy Paste Multiple Not Working

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to sketch up and I’m about to lose my mind on a copy paste multiple. I’m modeling channeled banquettes and getting the channels to copy and paste in multiples is not working for me. I should mention this is the IPad App version

I got it done once successfully but now it won’t work, I’m not sure if I’m selecting tools in the wrong order or what but I add the “x16” or whatever into the measurements box and hit enter and nothing happens. help!

Make sure you select the correct move tool as well.
First select the move tool then pick the top tool from the pop out menu, then do the action.

So what I’ve been doing is selecting the item, selecting the copy move tool, inputting the distance, selecting copy from the lower bar, then past and entering say “x10” into the box and hitting enter and nothing happens. After this I’ll usually tap the screen with my pencil when nothing happens and a single copy of the channel will appear wherever I have tapped.

You need to move the copy in the desired direction before entering the distance. After entering the distance so the first copy moves to that location, enter x10 and Enter again. And there’s no need to select Copy or Paste at the bottom.

I don’t have a good way to record my iPad screen yet so this is in the web version. The interface looks a little different but the process is the same.

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@DaveR screen video capture is built into iPadOS . There is a one time process to set it up:

Open settings, scroll down to control center, locate the item for screen recording and click the + net to it to add it to control center.

Then to use it, start SketchUp (or whatever), get it set up the way you want to start,then pull down the control center and tap the screen recording icon (a dot inside a circle). There will be a three second countdown and then control center will close and return you to SketchUp. When your recording is complete, open control center again and again tap the screen recording button to stop recording. The video wil automatically be saved to photos.

Once you get it, the process is actually smoother and less complicated than it sounds. The main flaw in my opinion is that the recording starts while control center is open and continues until you click the button. So you see a brief bit of cc at both ends. You can edit those away in photos if you desire.

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Thank you sir. I’ll give it a try.

The problem with that @slbaumgartner is it only records the screen, it misses out on the stylus. Unlike screen recording with a normal stylus or mouse it is difficult to see what is happening because the cursor is invisible between taps.

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But isn’t that inherent to the iPad version? There is not normally any visible cursor. Or was that your point: that a help video done on iPad has lesser value because there is no cursor to show?

The ideal thing would be to use a camera to record the iPad screen from above so the screen lloks as it would to the user with the cursor or showing what the user is doing with the pencil or whatever tool.

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Yes, that is indeed my point, which is why Aarons vids are recorded in the manner which Dave just described.
I Have the same in my out of the box thread, I think I show both, or maybe not, but the magical cursor is not helpful unless you are an old hogwartian.

Edit, yep had a look and I did post both and you can see how the screen recording is confusing as you miss lots of what is happening.