Basic License Questions

Hi All,

I am thinking about getting Pro but I have some license questions:

  1. If you buy 2017 and let it expire, do you still have access to all the pro features without upgrading?

  2. Can you still run a fresh installation on a new machine with an expired license? Say because your hard disk failed.

I think the answer to both of these is yes, but I just want to make sure I have read this site correctly.

  1. Purchased SU Pro licenses do not themselves expire. What expires are your access to technical support and upgrades to the next version. There is a fee for reinstating these capabilities once they lapse.

  2. The SU Pro license allows installation on two machines provided they won’t both be in use at the same time (typically your office and home computers, or even separate Windows and Mac computers). If you remove the license from a computer you can install on another one using that same license without exceeding the quota. But if a computer dies so you can’t remove the license and you have already used your two install quota, you will have to contact customer support to get them to help you.


Thank you :wink: