Licensing questions and multiple installs

Ok, this is the first time i have had to purchase a license since i used to get it under the State department of education when i was teaching. Since i recently left that job, i now purchased a student copy since i am a full time medical and aerospace engineering student. Almost done!!!

anyway, here are my two questions.

  1. Can i have su pro 2021 installed on 2 different machines? my desktop while at home, and on my laptop while i go to school?

  2. I now have this window popup asking if i want to update to the newest version. Can i do that or will it charge me money?


You can use SU on two different computers, but not at the same time.

And the proposed upgrade is only a point upgrade. You shouldn’t be charged. If you are, you can revert before you confirm the payment.

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Ok, perfect. Thanks for the info. Ill try the update