Basic Functional issues

My file is 3.17 MB after purge. My Outliner has several large nested groups.
1.) My Orbit tool erratically but consistently pans instead of orbiting.
2.) Often when I zoom in on a detail the screen jumps out to some arbitrary far out location and I have to hunt my way back to the original location only to have the same thing happen all over again.
3.) Often when zooming in I encounter an invisible plane that disappears the area I’m zooming into.
4.) Simple functionality failures: a), drawing a rectangle within a rectangle and not being able to select the inner rectangle for push/pull or to even erase; b), drawing a gabled 5 sided figure which repeatedly will not close to form an opaque surface - checking that all points are in plane, erasing and redrawing to make sure, finally having to draw a line through the figure to get it to close and then erasing the line to obtain a clear surface.

Seems to me that this cannot be efficient behavior and I must have something messed up in my file or working method.
Seeking words of wisdom

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got and try to duplicate the behavior?

Sure - thanks
Will send - but this can wait, I’m quitting for tonight and going to bed.

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Hope this works. File was not where I expected

DLH_KristaScheme.skp (3.2 MB)

Yup. It did.

I suspect main problem is the main part of the model is located at a pretty healthy distance from the origin including substantially above the ground plane.

FWIW, I fixed the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 5_2_2021 , 8_17_12 PM

Move the model closer to the origin and purged unused. See if this one behaves better.
DLH_KristaScheme origin.skp (3.2 MB)

By the way, you should be watching face orientation. There are a number of reversed faces. There are also missing faces. With you "soft Linework style using the same color for both front and back faces, it’s difficult to pick out those problems.

Thank you.
What is the incorrect tag usage about?

Edges and faces should be left untagged. Only objects (components and groups) should get tags.

As far as that “invisible” plane that causes the model to disappear while you’re panning around, this can happen with the camera set on parallel projection. The projection “plane” references where the camera is in perspective mode for this, from my experience. So, if you switch to a projection while being too close to an object, it will get clipped. Reset the perspective camera to where you can see the object, the go back to parallel projection. Hope that helps.

Yep - thank you.

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I did not know this BUT I cannot remember ever having individually Tagged a line or a face, certainly not 389 edges and 72 faces. I know for a fact I did not intentionally do that.
So what must I have done to produce all those Tagged Edges and Faces?

Have you exploded a tagged Group or Component? When you do that, the “liberated” edges and faces inherit the tag of the exploded container.

As Anssi wrote, if you explode a tagged object the contents inherit the tag. If you find the need to explode an object to raw geometry, the very next step while the geometry is still selected is to change the tag to Untagged in Entity Info.

Thank you both - very helpful.
However although I have used ‘explode’ in this file I don’t think I’ve used it that much.
I’ll definitely start keeping track now though.
Yet this all makes me think that something I’m doing in the most basic way I use SU is the problem.

On and upward.
thanks again

It would be interesting to help you sort out exactly what steps might be problems. Are you importing CAD files as a starting point? It’s possible that you are getting tags from the layers in the imported CAD file and the geometry is just coming in tagged. You might try running TIG’s Default Tag Geometry immediately after importing CAD files to see what happens. If you are using the geometry directly from the CAD file, incorrect tagging from the import could create a mess for you. The general wisdom is to only use CAD files as references but to create your own, cleaner geometry in SU.

When you come to grips with the proper tag usage, that stuff becomes very simple and much easier to manage.

I imported one .dwg CAD file from the surveyor to establish the ground terrain.
That could very well be the source of the incorrect tag usage.

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Could be. Assuming you still have the .dwg file and a few minutes, you might try importing it into a new SU file and see what happens.

Will send the .skp file following this.

But wonder if you could tell me why I cannot select the square within that rectangle.

Hard to tell from a screenshot but maybe the rectangle is outside of the component that is open for editing. your chosen style makes it a little more difficult to identify problems like this.

DLH_KristaScheme.skp (2.2 MB)

So I drew the rectangle then I drew the square within it. When I try to select the square on the rectangle only the rectangle is selected. Is there a way to toggle thru selection items?