Baseboard Designated "Not a Solid"

Baseboards Not a Solid
Baseboards 11.skp (211.3 KB)

I’m trying to use the Trim tool to cut a hole through the baseboard at a door opening. Please tell me why I’m getting a “Not a Solid” error message for both the box and the baseboard.

Thank you very much.

Peter Enns

Some of the things you manage to create would be difficult to do if you were trying to do it.
Context context context.
The baseboard is within the context of the wall group and the cutting block is outside the context of the wall group, therefore never the twain shall meet.
Cut the block to clipboard, open wall group and paste in place.
Now the baseboard, I have no idea how you would have done it but one face of the baseboard is grouped separately to the rest of the geometry of the baseboard, explode it and you will have a solid group.
Then while in the correct context you can select the block and subtract it from the baseboard.
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