Banquette corner continuation


Hey guys! so I have this banquette here that I have chosen and I have a corner rail over here and would like to have this same banquette continue along the corner path. I am not 100% sure of how to tackle this. My only guess would be follow me tool but how would i get it so that the back and the bottom part of this banquette is exactly aligned with my railing when going across this 90 degree corner?


Is this what you are trying to do? If you take the seat right into the corner you end up with a rather nasty 90 deg at the seat front too. This way you could fill the back afterwards using a triangle and Push/Pull to get rid of the gap. Versions I have seen have wooden parts for the gap.

  1. draw the line to be the guide for the follow me tool
  2. use the follow me tool
  3. use the move tool to pull the line from behind the sofa


After going to the shopping centre today, I realise what I were trying to communicate is actually more like the shot below. The base extends to the rear to create a wooden framework for the rear of the seat. It looks tidier than just sticking a triangle in the corner. Or you could go the full upholstered style shown by Edwardo, whichever you choose the Follow Me process is similar to what he shows above. You could make the end seats unique and have an arm end on those if you wanted too. Just a few more ideas…