Bad 3D Print (resin)

This is my first time 3D printing. How do I 3D print these parts right?

The grid has missing parts and stuff. I read bridges are supposed to work as long they’re small enough, but I obviously did something wrong. Should I print the grid diagonally? Are the holes in the sides of the grid somehow messing up the print?

The poles were supposed to have holes on the bottom, but they didn’t print the holes.

The bolts seemed to come out fine.

Stl Part 1.skp (485.1 KB)

Longer Orange 10

I increased the burn-in time from 80000 to 85000 to make sure the print sticks to the build plate. Should I use the default instead?

I decided to print it in two batches: one that needed supports and one that didn’t. I’d rather print it in one batch though, like this.

STL 3D Print.skp (768.2 KB)

Here’s a visualization of the handrail I’m trying to print:

I would recommend reaching out to the company that makes your printer/slicing software… Nothing that you are having issues with is a result of the SKP file, but likely related to the slicing software settings…

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What slicer did you use?

I would lay down the grids so they are printed on their side if the print volume allows it. This means you will have to make multiple prints but it way safer in terms of failure rate.

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Some resin printers are not fantastic at doing this type of work and some (really expensive ones) are really bad - but good at organic shapes. Follow Aaron’s advise and consult with the printer end of the forest as this tree is not the one to be barking up.

I tried printing it on it’s side, but it still didn’t work. One side wouldn’t print, so I adjusted the print bed to make sure it wasn’t just off. It still came out missing. Another time, I forgot to tighten the print bed screw and it came out with all the holes closed.

So I thickened it about 0.4mm and thickened up the thin side a bit. Also, I deleted the bolt, so there was no overhang, except the hole. I read the manual and adjusted the print settings. Increased the curing time to 12 seconds, resolution to 100um, and slowed down the arm speed. Each print only took about 12 minutes and they came out good!

The holes worked too.

Thanks for all your help, guys! I think I’ve got it from here, but I’ll ask if I run into any more problems I need help with. The Longer company has a Facebook group and I got some suggestions there, but ultimately @Teeem’s suggestion for putting it sideways and @TheOnlyAaron’s suggestion for adjusting settings helped a ton! Thank you!

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Glad that you managed to solve it! 3D printing is not a exact science so you usually have to try a few different things. Resin printing does not make it easier since in many cases the settings will change depending on the resin itself too.

Wish you luck on your future printing endeavours!

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