Problem with a solid


hinge 2nd piece 5-8-17.skp (1.1 MB)

I made this hinge part once (along with its mate) and it printed fine, but the leg with the bolt holes was a little too long. On redoing it, the printer won’t print the bolt holes. I first tried to adjust my original, then I started from scratch, then I drew it a different way. I each case, the bolt holes are ignored. I’m including the most recent attempt along with the earlier one that worked.hinge 2nd piece 4-27-17.skp (1.3 MB)


That’s weird.

TIG’s Solid Inspector 2 says the first three pieces (that worked, from 4-27-17) aren’t solids, and have lots of errors (but they all printed?)

But later one from 5-8-17 seems ok as a solid!

And the parts aren’t that small, so the ‘small edges’ problem in SU shouldn’t be a problem here.


I’m sorry; I sent you the wrong “old” file, but the piece that Solid Inspector liked was the one that worked earlier. As you say, newer one should be fine but isn’t. I just made a test piece with only the holes in it and the holes still didn’t print, so I think I have a software glitch. I’m going to try reloading Cura and see if that takes care of the problem. I’ll also refresh the firmware in my printer, but I don’t believe that is the issue.
Thanks for looking at it. I’m attaching the file that worked.hinge 2nd piece 5-7-17.skp (1.1 MB)


Even though Solid Inspector says ok the knuckle near y axis has some problems I would fix before going very far. Its dia also probably needs to be about+0.5 mm larger to allow for clearance. Since you are making test items you can check it and mate also… Out of time tonight so will have to wait on fix till Tomorrow AM unless someone else does?


I used the paint bucket to paint the entire item and almost got rid of all errors in Slic3r
By the way did you allow for shrinkage as I have found all measurements shrink by .05 or 1.27 mm So when I make something I add in the shrinkage


Sorry for the delay in responding. I uninstalled and reinstalled Cura and now it works fine. Something in the code somehow got messed up.
Thanks for looking at this for me.


That is for PLA which is plastic and think you heat to ~300? so it will shrink when cooling although some designs using epoxy and graphic ( GY70) you can specifically design for very close to 0 CTE ( Not thinking 3d print here)


Actually it is 205 to 210 in C yeah it is a bit hot LOL


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