Backwards logo on an image that has been replicated and flipped

Hi there, I’ve built a train with the second section of the car duplicated and flipped on axis as well as the opposite facing sides. When I import the brand that I want to attach the brand is flipped the wrong way on the flipped sections of the cars. This .png logo doesn’t give me the option to make unique even when I’ve made it a component. Not sure how to ensure the brand is shown correctly. Can anyone suggest a solution for this please? Thanks in advance.

Place the image outside of the car componet so you can copy it from one end of the train to the other without having the logo image flipped.


Oh yes, of course! Thank you!

Transit vehicles such as you’re modeling rarely build these two as mirror images. They’ll be built identically then joined.

So why not, instead of duplicating and mirroring, duplicate, rotate one of them - 180 Deg about the Z axis - then move to line up/join?

Would avoid having to wait to apply the logo separately.

If you look at the OP’s first screen shot, it is clear the’ve modeled the single car as two halves. So left and right halves are mirrored instances of the component. Still ends up with one copy of the logo image flipped. Simple enough to place the two copies of the image outside of the half-car components.

My point is that the manufacturers don’t keep normally keep 2 sets of plans - 1 for each end. They manufacture two identical halves, turn one around, then join them. So it’s a rotation, not a mirror image.

Not knocking you - I’m a transit/infrastructure junkie so have lots of trivial (and not so trivial knowledge) outside the scope of MODELING this - with SketchUp or any other modeling program! Your approach will work if all they’re modeling is the exterior - and I can’t tell if the interior as modeled is a mirror image or a rotation.