Backspace key “stuck” after a while of use with Magic Keyboard

Hey folks,

I have an iPad Pro (3rd gen m1) with a magic keyboard and a pencil. After a while of use when editing measures (with the little popup number pad it) starts behaving like the backspace key is stuck pressed down and continually deletes whatever is typed in the input. This behaviour stops if I close and reopen my file, and it doesn’t affect any other keyboard input, just the measurements. So far I’ve only seen this happen when the keyboard is connected, but it happens every time after a while.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Hi @jagregory thanks for posting, and apologies for the trouble you’re having with the measurements box. Could you please confirm whether you’re upgraded to the latest version of SketchUp for iPad (version 6.0.8)?

We shipped an update recently that we thought had resolved this issue.

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Thanks Mike, you were correct I wasn’t running the latest version. After updating I haven’t seen the issue again so far. Thanks!

That’s great to hear. Thanks for letting us know!