Background turned black, lines turned white, and trailing lines don't erase

Just started using Sketchup Pro 2021 trial and when I plugged my mouse in
the background turned black, lines turned white, and the draw tool leaves ghost lines wherever I move the cursor. These ghost lines don’t erase with the eraser or undo tool.

Not sure if this is standard for the trial version, or has something to do with the graphics.

I am working in Windows 10 Home with Intel 520 graphics.

I have already fiddled with the Style options and have it set to the default setting.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Check your settings in SketchUp Preferences > Open GL. If Fast Feedback is active, try unchecking it and restarting SketchUp. You can also try reducing Anti Aliasing.

Checking Fast Feedback did the trick. It was not selected, but when I checked it
the template went back to a white ground. Thank you!

Go to the Intel site and download the latest graphics drivers for your GPU. It’s not uncommon that Windows includes broken Intel graphics drivers in their automatic updates. FWIW, integrated graphics have never been recommended for SketchUp.