Back lit logo in a wall

I am modeling the logo for the Molson plant and I need to mount the logo into the wall and back light the logo to glow with an LED. Is there and easy way to get the holes in the wall to match the logo letter sides? The surface on this model is Brick so it is not an even surface at the top. Thanks for any help!

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

rMolson Sign 20.skp (958.7 KB)

My problem is to break through the top uneven surface and also break the back plane/surface so the wall will print in one color and I can then print the letters in a clear filament.
Thanks, Miles

The key would be to clean up the wall surface so it can be a solid group. Then use Trim from the Solid Tools to cut an opening with the letters. The wall looks like it needs a bunch of work to make it solid and I have a student in a few minutes. I’ll get back to it after that if you need more assistance with it.

Molson Sign 20.skp (1.3 MB)

Went back and redrew the wall. It now shows no errors on the “solid inspector”. What are the steps to combine and cut the wall for the letters. I tried the Trim in the solid tools drop down but I must not have done the steps correctly.

Solid Inspector has it lit up like a xmas tree here:

You have a lot of edges with four faces attached. SketchUp won’t see that as a manifold solid so the solid tools won’t work.

Not on mine.

That’s Solid Inspector2, not Solid Inspector as you originally said. I see the same here, but Entity Info does not report it as solid.

Entity Info doesn’t report it as solid because of all of the places where a single edge is shared by more than two faces. In order to count as solid every edge in the group/component must be shared by exactly 2 faces, no more, no less. Every place you have a join like this, you have four faces.
Screenshot - 4_27_2020 , 7_24_22 PM

It’s not easy to fix without drawing it a different way.

So if I have two boards that are at the same level with the line between - I need to remove all the joining lines?

What do you suggest for another redraw?
After all I’m 74 and stuck at home - so draw on!

Even if they aren’t the same level you will have a problem. Better approach would be to cut the holes with the letters in a large flat wall and then create the relief afterward.

I have done that in the past but this one looked more complex and I thought - oh was that a mistake. Well back to the drawing board - so to speak.
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Maybe you could use Stamp in the sandbox tools, then tidy up the bits you don’t want.

Here’s the basic process for the Trim. I made a copy of the text and increased the thickness of the letters a bit. I placed the sign in the “wall” and then used Trim to trim the wall with the sign.

That sounds interesting. Maybe you have thoughts on the N-scale layout my son and I are slowly working on.

To whom were you address the question about teaching?

I have traced the edges of items that pass through one another in the past and then just deleted the excess that was hanging out beyond the model.

Trim from the Solid Tools can make that much faster. Intersect Faces would at least be faster than tracing.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll see what I can do with the logo.

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