Lines still showing after hiding/softening

Hey, can anyone tell me why the lines on the the top “log” are showing up like this? Compare it to the next log down. I’m trying to upload the .skp but I can’t seem to get it under 30mb, even if I delete everything but that wall. It’s stupid that this site only supports uploads of <10mb considering what it’s for. Thanks!

Edit: Here’s a link to the file. Log Texture.skp - Google Drive

Internal faces.
Screenshot - 11_21_2021 , 3_30_54 PM

Delete them and you won’t need to hide or soften the edges.


My man!

Btw, has my technique improved since my last question? :sweat_smile: Still a lot to learn though.

I think so. I guess I wouldn’t have made the logs of a wall as a single object. I’d probably have made each long a component. I thought I’d mention that before but then I thought you might have a reason for it. If it is making sense to leave all the logs in a wall as a single mass of geometry I would delete the internal faces all the way though so you end up with solid components or groups.

Hmm, I didn’t think of that. The only disadvantage I see is that I am putting windows and doors in the walls, and having them as one component allows me to place a box and then Intersect with Model to create the cut out. Not sure if I could do that easily with separate components. I will check for internal faces.

If you had solid components you could use Eneroth Solid tools to trim the openings. That could be done whether you make the individual logs as components or use the entire wall and just get rid of the internal faces.

Here I’ve made that wall a solid component by getting rid of all the internal faces and cleaning up some other geometry.

And here I’m using a cutter shapped like a window (I made a random sized cutter for this example) and use Trim to cut a couple of openings.

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I think solid components is the next chapter in SU to LO. I will definitely look into that as I deal with a lot of “log” shaped objects. Looks super useful.

Solid objects is a good thing to get a handle on early in the game. Solids tend to be cleaner, lighter, and easier to work with than non-solids. If I had my way new users would learn quite early about making sure they have solid components and groups as that would prevent all kinds of mean and nasty stuff.

The other thing people should be taught early is to budget edges and faces. The more edges in your model the more difficult it becomes to work with. Highly detailed entourage is the most obvious culprit, but even using too many segments in curves for how they will be viewed can lead to issues. Many a doorknob has been know to have more detail than the rest of the model. If you really must have tiny detail only add it when you have finished the main modelling. Use simple proxies as place holders and space fillers. Your bed for example is very nice but a huge drain on resources for no real gain in the modelling stage. The ceramic ware and kitchen fittings likewise. Hiding them doesn’t reduce the file size.
A purge of your model reduced it from 30 mb to 20 mb and the removal of some of the fixtures and fittings, then another purge would have reduced it to something easily workable for the forum.
A well constructed model with complete contents can easily be less that 20mb. Filling your model with ‘pretty’ things leads to bloated models that are unworkable.
Well made pretty things take this into account. Always download things from the warehouse into a separate model and check them before adding to your model.


Good to know, and I’ll definitely work on learning those next. Thanks!

Good point! I just grabbed those from Warehouse but could totally add them later. I did try deleting all of that and the size didn’t change, why is that?

Did you purge unused? Components remain in the model memory until purged in case you change your mind and want to use them again.

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Nope, I did not know this. I’m learning all kinds of stuff. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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One of the benefits of Components is that once you add or create one it gets filed as part of the model. This means you can keep pulling them from the component browser as needed. And the other side of that is once deleted they are still stored until you choose to fully remove them. Can be very handy if you have a corrupted model, sometimes they components can be retrieved while the rest of the model is gone. If you accidentally delete a group or raw geometry it is gone if you don’t notice straight away. If you delete a component you can always bring it back.

Using components can reduce file size too because they are instances of an original, but there is a balance to this as well, it is easy using components to make a file of a few hundred kilobytes that will bring any computer to its knees. Remember, the graphic card has to render everything even if it is a instance of an original.

Materials, styles, tags etc also need to be purged.


Wanted to say thanks again for the help! Solid components are awesome. And making each log its own component has been super helpful.

Also, Eneroth Solid Tools is FREAKING AWESOME!!!

I’m sure that @eneroth3 will appreciate your compliment. :slight_smile: