Back button has stopped working for me in Discourse

I used until early today, or at least yesterday, to be able to click the Back button on my Mac/Chrome brower to get back from a New or Latest topic to the list of those topics.

Now I just get the Status bar message “Processing request” and nothing happening. I have to click the three line menu, and select Latest, or New, which then works immediately.

Anyone else having the same problem?

EDIT: “select Latest, or New, which then works immediately”

Well it did, until a few minutes ago. Is there anything special on Discourse about the witching hour just after midnight? Maintenance? Now THAT is giving a “Processing request” message too.

Windows/Chrome back button has been working fine.

Tried clearing browser cache?

Thanks, @catamountain. That might well have done it, but I was having other problems, so did a warm reboot - things worked better after that.

Yes, they do maintenance at off peak times. And they post notices of impending maintenance over at the Discourse Meta forum. This affects the SketchUp forum as Discourse is hosting them.

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