B-Spline extension is purchased and loaded - but doesn't show up on the draw menu (Newbie)

Newbie trying to trace an unusual shape that has spline like profile. I purchased JS’s B-spline curves through points and the extension manager says it is installed and enabled. However the draw menu does not have B-splines on it per the extension animation of how it works. Can’t find it. Any help for a newbie on this? Fortunately this isn’t an emergency - I have a few days to do the darn thing.
Also - from other tools I’m used to a snap feature - and drawing lines, the mouse cursor seems to snap to points - but it must be called something else as I can’t find out how to change the snap grid resolution or to turn it off.

Have you tried quitting SketchUp and restarting?

Only thing I’ve thought might work - and it didn’t. But I tried it again without luck. But I tried it again and now it says that it failed to obtain active license and that the license is missing. That might explain it - but I did purchase it from the SketchUp ‘extension warehouse’ and it did accept my credit card & sent a receipt - and it shows up in the Extension Warehouse as one of my extensions. I’ll also try the help link they sent with the receipt.

Thanks for the suggestion.

window-modelinfo-units is where you can disable lenght snapping.

Thank you! I didn’t try searching for ‘snapping’ - that helps a great deal.

Regarding the non-working extension - I understand that some extensions will work in the classic version but not in the subscription version (at the moment, anyway). The B-Spline curves through points appears to be one of these - it did work for me in the classic version.