Awesome LEGO castles

By chance I again stumbled on this old site that I haven’t seen for 3 or 4 computers. This was a big source of inspiration for my own Schloss Eneburg and a collection of brilliant castle projects in their own right.


Incredible stuff each one, and so many.

A few months ago, after watching all the stuff @TheOnlyAaron did surrounding his to-die-for Millennium Falcon Lego kit, I got sucked down a rabbit hole of looking at other Lego kits, and found my to-die-for kit: A B17G complete with a 10 (Lego) man crew. Even when it was for sale, I’m sure the price was superhuman. This company has made a bunch of planes, and something like an F4U Corsair would be a bit more affordable, but collect enough of them and you need an aircraft carrier like the Intrepid, which, at Lego people scale ends up 22 feet long. Their collection of 100+ WWII military vehicles is just amazing. I never imagined you could do so much with Legos.

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This brings back memories of the full scale 8880 super car they at Legoland Billund when I was thee as a kid. Not only had they scaled up one of the most amazing LEGO models ever to full scale, but they had used real LEGO bricks to assemble technic bricks to assemble the full size car.

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