Avatar Image Size

Is there a max image size and type (jpeg, png, etc)for use as your avatar ? Did a search and couldn’t find anything relevant. Hope I’m posting in the right category. Thanks.

jpg and png work, it’s gonna crop on a circle in the middle, so if you’re using a square you’re fine, if not, it might crop somewhere you don’t want.

as a matter of size, mine is about 1000px

Many thanks kind sir :+1:

are you now browsing google image for the perfect tuna can ? :upside_down_face:

The Starkist tuna mascot is up for consideration. Haven’t made up my mind yet. Have several ideas. :crazy_face:

how about a Meccano tuna built in Sketchup?

test your skills


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I’ve caught a lot of fish over the years but none looked like that. :rofl: Have to put it on the list for consideration.

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