Automatic SketchUp - SketchUp Scripting, Extension and Ruby Help


I wanted to post these great, free resources from Automatic SketchUp.

These resources will help you learn:

  • How to create 3D models in Ruby
  • Scripting
  • Lessons in Ruby
    …and much more! (230.8 KB)

Also, refer to this accompanying PDF. The goal of the PDF " is to explain how this scripting language can be used to take full advantage of SketchUp’s potential." Thanks to Matthew Scarpino from Automatic SketchUp!

Developing Importer for .SHP (or SHX) to SketchUp

Like @DanRathbun said:

That is a helpfull resource but is also necessary know a few particularities like described on following post:


It is a great book, I was one of the testers [for mac compatibility]…

a few of the examples never worked on mac’s [i.e. they crash SU]…

some contain what is now considered ‘bad coding practice’ by SU and others…

unmodified, even more will fail in v14 and v15 on both platforms…

I have heard on the grapevine that Mat is considering an update as SU now uses Ruby 2 and we now have Extension Warehouse rules about coding practices…

maybe ‘Trimble SketchUp’ should extend an encouraging hand to Mat…



Thanks for your thoughts. This is definitely something we see value in and will keep you all updated with new resources.



I hope so. That is my main beef with the book.

For the record, I never said ppl should not read it, just that it should be the last that they reference.


Just one word: invaluable!

Thank you very much for sharing, it will be of great help to anyone starting to learn Ruby in SketchUp.