Automatic SketchUp - SketchUp Scripting, Extension and Ruby Help

I wanted to post these great, free resources from Automatic SketchUp.

These resources will help you learn:

  • How to create 3D models in Ruby
  • Scripting
  • Lessons in Ruby
    …and much more! (230.8 KB)

Also, refer to this accompanying PDF. The goal of the PDF " is to explain how this scripting language can be used to take full advantage of SketchUp’s potential." Thanks to Matthew Scarpino from Automatic SketchUp!


Like @DanRathbun said:

That is a helpfull resource but is also necessary know a few particularities like described on following post:

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It is a great book, I was one of the testers [for mac compatibility]…

a few of the examples never worked on mac’s [i.e. they crash SU]…

some contain what is now considered ‘bad coding practice’ by SU and others…

unmodified, even more will fail in v14 and v15 on both platforms…

I have heard on the grapevine that Mat is considering an update as SU now uses Ruby 2 and we now have Extension Warehouse rules about coding practices…

maybe ‘Trimble SketchUp’ should extend an encouraging hand to Mat…


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Thanks for your thoughts. This is definitely something we see value in and will keep you all updated with new resources.


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I hope so. That is my main beef with the book.

For the record, I never said ppl should not read it, just that it should be the last that they reference.

Just one word: invaluable!

Thank you very much for sharing, it will be of great help to anyone starting to learn Ruby in SketchUp.