SketchUp scripting tutorial for beginners!


I am creating a new blog to share some secrets on how to accelerate your #SketchUp workflow by automating tasks with simple to write #Ruby scripts. Coding can be intimidating, but my goal is to provide bite-sized examples that are easy to digest & write. The scope of this tutorial will not include how to register the script as a SketchUp Extension because that will make the code more complicated than it needs to be.

For my first blog post, we are going to kick things off with a very short script that will help you select the outer edges of your model with just a single click. As you can see in the image above there are less than 12 lines of code to accomplish our goal…

➜ Read the Full Tutorial Here

Note: I am new to writing blog articles so any feedback will be appreciated! I still can edit the post and fix things to make it easier to follow. Also, there are much better coders in here than me so if you catch me making an error let me know as well. Thanks in Advance!


Way to go! I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time but never found the time.


Great idea. I look forward to reading your tutorials.:smiley:

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If you’re interested, I would like to invite you to write blog articles about SketchUp on Herosu. All you need to do is become a member and I’ll give you writing privileges.

Same goes for other developers or 3d artists who are experts in their field and want to share their knowledge about a particular topic. You can write about extensions, modeling, rendering or any other topics you might think is related to SketchUp.

Thanks for the comments!

I am going to be your regular reader!

PS. there is no RSS?

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Thank you very much I am already working on my next blog post!

Sorry at the moment there is no support for RSS but maybe in the future, it will be added.

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