Automatic Copying Issue

I created a Dynamic Component - a column of lockers -that automatically adds another locker as soon as the Component is scaled up. This seems to work properly when I use simple shapes. (Example A)

However, the locker panel has a keylock in the upper right corner (the 2 circles), and I want to constrain it’s position related to the locker panel. Also that on itself seems to work (as a seperate dynamic component).

However, when use this Dynamic Locker Panel with constraint Keylock (“LockerDeurN”) in the Mother Component, weird things are happening that I can’t explain. The LockerPanels start to have their own mysterious life, and I hope someone will be willing to look into this, to help me fix the issue.

(Example B is the same as Example A, but with the Keylock constraint in the LockerPanel)

Example A.skp (61.5 KB)
Example B.skp (67.6 KB)

this seems to be a bug, at this stage can only offer a work around, the interact finger toggles the door to full size and division, one can scale with full size mode then change to the division

edit: placed onclick on the parent, so that individual doors do not respond to the action
box.skp (61.2 KB)

I had a brief look at this component and agree with @pcmoor that it should work but does not due to some bug.

I wanted to see what happened if the formulas containing the nominal values were removed as I suspect these formulas are contributing the the problem. I ran short on time but may try this later this afternoon.

It would probably be easier to methodically remake the entire DC to see if that fixes things.

Thanks for your time guys. I tried to remake the whole component various times from scratch to find out where it goes wrong. I noticed that everything is ok, until I contrain the keylock (the 2 round circles) to the lockerpanel by constraining the scale values. Although I don’t see any link between this procedure, and the weird things is see happening in the Z axis of the total Component

@jim_foltz: What exactly do you mean with the ‘nominal’ values?

Dynamic Components have many more attributes than appear in the Component Attributes dialog. You can view them by inspecting the component’s “dynamic_attributes” dictionary, or use one of the attribute inspector extensions from the Extension Warehouse.

These hidden attributes begin with a _ character. They are not meant for the user to change. But I have been able to repair some DCs in the past by removing the hidden attributes containing the string nominal Note that in addition to a component definition having a “dynamic_attributes” dictionary, it’s instances may also have one.

I never did get this to work correctly. It seems the LenZ of the copies never get updated unless they are destroyed and rebuilt.