Automate placing a guide at midpoint of a distance between two edges

I import construction drawings as components, I am looking for a way to speed up my guide placement as there are a couple scenarios where I have to place guides between two points/edges, with no midpoint snap available.

Currently I use the tape measure to get the distance between, and manually enter the half value.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to speed this up or remove the need for manual entry, whether by plugin or macro.

I was thinking of creating a macro that would utilise the divide function e.g. /0.5 to place guide at midpoint.

This is a little new to me and I am aware SketchUp doesn’t like decimals, but I couldn’t seem to get it to work with fractions either.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I would say that has to be /2…

It depends a bit on exactly what you need, perhaps a sample model would help to fully understand and someone may know or write a plugin for it.
But as for the simplest solution that springs to mind, draw an edge between the edges and it will have a midpoint inference.

That just seems to place the guide at the origin.

There is technically the midpoint at the top, but it is often not centre with the two edges I need to measure between.

I mean draw an edge to join them.

This will likely take a little longer than entering the value manually, ideally I would like to find a way reduce the time taken as much as possible.

Maybe so but the midpoint is accurate. Manually entering the value isn’t as precise.

Between any two endpoints/midpoints/intersections combination you could draw a ‘2 Point Arc’ (wait for the inference ‘Half Circle’ ! > select it and use > ‘Find Center’ in its right click context menu. Then while the half circle arc is still selected hit > [Delete]
The result is a guide point exactly in the middle.

p.s. there are extentions that’ll place a guidepoint in the middle of any two clicked locations (not necessarily two endponts/midpoints/intersections combinations)

Hi @Wo3Dan,
please, do you know any other extension besides this one - CenterLine Tool ?

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Thank you very much, mr Hubers! An excellent and useful plugin!

Maybe this may help in some cases

Guide at midpoint.skp (144.1 KB)