AutoCAD LT 2018 dwgs don't import flat

I have tried several times to import a dwg from AutoCAD LT 2018 into SketchUp 2017. I have saved it as an AutoCAD LT 2013 dwg so the problem is not the actual importing but the file is no longer flat in SketchUp. I have read through various threads but can’t find a solution. I only ever had minor problems with this in version AutoCAD LT 2017 but even if I delete all hatches, explode groups, save onto a single layer with identical properties it still ends up spread out vertically so the file is pretty unusable. I really hope someone can help…

Hello, I’m quite sure the problem comes from your dwg file :slight_smile:
Anyway ! there’s a plugin written by thomthom called “architect tools” which has a flatten selection. Just select your imported dwg (inside the group) and press the flatten selection button, et voilà !


Gotta agree… I bet there is some hidden corruption in the DWG… another great plugin is 'Drop Vertices" by TIG

probably because the AC document simply contains 3D wireframe data which LT 2018 is capable to create.

In AC issue the command “view” and select an angled view (e.g. isometric) for checking this… or use the free ‘Teigha’ DXF/DWG viewer.

use “flatten” command in AutoCAD

Flatten doesn’t work for everything, and I don’t know if it even exists in AutoCad LT.

A simple “quick and dirty” way to “flatten” an AutoCad DWG is to import it into SketchUp, select top view, switch camera to parallel projection and export it to DWG as a 2D image, to full scale. You can then re-import the result into a new SketchUp file.


Thank you to everyone’s suggestions. I have used the “quick + dirty” method which worked brilliantly + I will also look into the other options to try + fix it in the AutoCAD in the future.
Such a brilliant community.
Thanks so much again :smile:

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