Autocad 3d/ SUpro

Hi all,

Just doing some practice modelling basic geometry using AC 3d and SUpro. Im modelling a pressure test rig for a cranshaft oil thrower ring end seal.

Is it me or is the Autocad 3d basic (no pluggins or tool sets like mechanical) quite long winded. It seems much more time consuming than SketchUp in every way. I done the same model in SU in an hour and it has taken more a few more in AC.

The model has a few tapped blind holes which i have not modelled only with holes at this point, i have only modelled the hole and was intending on detailing in paperspace. I am trying to create the views and sections in viewports in paperspace but its much harder to then detail bits like tapped holes like you would in normal 2D in front on view as the line work doesnt show in the viewports.

when using sketchup i would model the item then copy and past it to create the views i want then export it all to AC as a 2D and then detail and adjust from there which is quick also very logical way of working. only trouble is you have to manually adjust each view unless you adjust the 3d model and start again with the export to 2D. I am finding AC without the extra tools (mechanical, plant, architecture, structures to name a few) alot long winded and more difficult.

Has anyone got any expericience with this? or is AC 3d basic (with no addtional tools) only usefully for very basic stuff without being very time consuming modelling everying from scratch.

I can see on you tube, AC mechanical has a array of selections that make creating a threaded hole etc very quick which means you can model the model exactly how it should be with out being time comsuming or needing to detail like you would in a 2D drawing

I would be keen to see if anyone has good examples from using AC3d basic and produced some nice drawings.


I would guess that a vast majority of feedback you will receive on this forum will be that the modeling you are talking about is much easier to do in SketchUp. It has been a while since I modeled straight geometry in Autocad, but I can say that SketchUp is still the easiest tool I have used for modeling in 3D.