AutoCAD 3D Solid Material missing when Imported into SketchUp

I like to model the walls in AutoCAD with 3D Solids, and then import the model to SketchUp for detailing, but how come the materials I assigned to individual faces on a 3D Solid is always missing when I import into SketchUp?

If I assign material to entire Solid instead of individual faces, it will import, but that’s rarely the case I almost always need to assign different materials to different faces of a single Solid. Even on some rare occasions where I do have material assigned to entire Solid, the imported textures will not be of accurate scale, is there a way to fix that as well?

Or I can convert the Solid into Mesh, and then explode the Mesh into separate faces, and then import into SketchUp, and then merge and group and clean up the geometry again in SketchUp, which is a whole lot of work.

Does anyone know how to successfully import AutoCAD 3D Solid with materials assigned to different faces? I am not considering to just model everything is SketchUp.