Auto Text Scene Name not working

Hi All, Iam having a problem with auto text. It is not naming my scenes. All other auto texts are working. Any help appreciated.

Is the leader for the label attached to some geometry in the model? Share the LO file so we can see and help you identify the issue.

Thank you for your reply. Attached is the LO File.
BLIGNAUT KITCHEN.layout (866.2 KB)

As Dave suggested – in your case you were not using the autotext correctly – it was missing a leader


And the autotext you were trying to use was not correct – it had a space between Scene and Name.


Thank You

Am I not able to use that particular NameScence in a normal text block and not only in a label box?

Seems that you had created a Custom Text Auto-Text named <Scene Name> (note the space) and assigned the text <SceneName> to it.

That’s fine but it’s not going to retrieve the viewport scene name – instead you need the Auto-Text <SceneName> (note no space) and you need a transparent leader.

You can create a Label with a transparent leader and enter the “text” <SceneName> to do what you want to do.

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You don’t need a transparent leader for the Auto-Text to work – just that most would not want a visible leader line.

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Paul has you sorted out but just to make it clear, a “normal text block” has nothing to link it to anything else on the page. The leader does that for the text in a label.

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