Auto-Save & Backup Default Settings 2018

It doesn’t appear that the auto-save and backup copy features are turned on by default. (Preferences > General > Saving). Lost a couple hours of work. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s hard to believe that this isn’t turned on by default and hopefully it can be corrected for future users

It sounds odd it’s not enabled by default. Have you disabled it in a previous SU version? Maybe SU loads some old settings.

If you installed SU 2018 on a system where SU 2017 had been installed, SU 2018 will pick up the auto-save and backup settings from SU 2017.

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Those are good thoughts but the auto-save and backup copy settings have never been turned off.

When you installed SketchUp, did you right-click on the installer/exe and select Run as Administrator?

I didn’t need admin permissions and was able to double-click on the .exe file to install. Are you thinking the run-as-admin picked up other settings?

Simply double-clicking on the installer/exe is not the same as right-clicking on the installer/exe and selecting Run as administrator. The former may appear to work, but the latter method guarantees that SU is installed correctly.

Yes, that’s correct and a good point that many uses aren’t’ aware of. I have admin privileges on the PC.

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