Auto-load extensions with document

Why some extensions such as Soften, Draw Wires, Front Face ™, GK Ware Stair maker or Color of Structural lines don’t load automatically when opening a document ?

I’m not using that specific Extensions and I’m on Windows, but…

What do you mean by “don’t load automatically”? How else are you loading then?

Some of this extension may not Signed. How is your settings in Extension manager looks like: Did you put the checkmark beside Unrestricted in Loading Policy?

Are you using an other extension manager like SketchUcation ExtensionStore? Didn’t you disabled these - above mentioned - sets of plugins with it?

Thanks for responding. Sorry I used a wrong word, it’s not loaded but installed extensions.
Usually when I open a Sketchup document, even a new one, all installed extensions (with SketchUcation) show/appear above the document, so the question is why most of them appear behalf those mentioned. They have been installed the same way with SketchUcation. I must go to View Tool Palettes, click to the missing extensions to make them appear. Not a big deal but just a bit boring.

More precisely they are called Toolbars (maybe called differently on Mac?). Loading the the extension is different then showing (or restoring last state) of the Toolbar related to extension in question.

The thing is, it’s up to the developer of individual Extension to show the Toolbar or leave it up to the user to show it.
I guess that is the case with the extensions you mentioned. I mean the developer of that extension decided to not show the Toolbar as default.

Yes, they are called tool palettes on Mac.

There is a code statement that a developer can include that causes a toolbar/palette to be in the same state when SketchUp opens as the user had it when SketchUp quit (note: when SketchUp first opens, not when the user later opens a file) Not all developers bother to include that statement. I don’t use any of the specific extensions you listed, so I
can’t comment on what they do.

Edit: the title of this topic is misleading. All enabled extensions are loaded as SketchUp starts. This is a separate matter from whether toolbars/palettes are visible.

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