Auth Token cannot be used

Thank you. I still have to close and reopen Sketchup every time to open a new file. Please announce when that has been fixed.

Same here and all they say is:

  1. Sign out of SketchUp

  2. Close SketchUp completely (If you are on a Mac, please be sure to go to your Dock and right click on SketchUp and LayOut and select either Quit or Force Quit)

  3. Reopen SketchUp

  4. Sign back in and see if this resolves the issue.

I did and still is NOT WORKING.

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Same issue here :persevere:

delete the auth. status file “login_session.dat” as already elaborated above…

attached Windows batch scripts for deleting the “login_session.dat” file of the latest SketchUp versions 2019-2022 by simply running/executing the according script.

If you don’t trust you can peek in the content of the batch file (text format) with every plain text editor.

DELete SketchUp Pro Authorization Status (1.4 KB)