Assigning different materials to the same component using scenes

Question - is there a way to assign a different material to the same component using scenes? I do not want to copy the components to a different layer/tag and/or make them unique. This will save me tracing the components in layout and assigning them a color every time. I am using Skelion plug in for solar panels performance analysis and through it I can have electrical strings of panels assigned by colour and can toggle between views of the base material of the component and the assigned color, but unfortunately, I cannot apply this in my scenes.
The image is the assigned colors to the base components which have a solar panel material by default. (I have highlighted the tool that allow me to assign colors).

Short answer is no. Since what you propose is to show the exact same components in different scenes, if you change the color of them in one scene, the color will change in the other scenes, as well.

Why not?

Thanks Dave,
The Skelion plug in allows me to calculate irradiance, shade, energy yield and energy losses of geo located solar arrays in the model.
Simply put, the energy produced from the solar system is based on the number of solar panels (components) that exist in the model.
By making copies of the same component, the calculated energy will take into account the copied components and the outputs report will show incorrect energy yield.

So far, I have either made a copy of the entire model with the desired scene, or have created rectangular copies and painted their faces, then put them on a different layer so I can show it in my layout drawings. Another method I use if by keeping colored rectangles in my layout scrapbook and placing them 1 by 1 on the array.

All options really slow me down when I need to repeat the process for 3000 odd solar panels.
So I was hoping there is a “3 click” solution using native tools or a plug in.

The interesting thing with the skelion plug in, is that nifty tool highlighted in the previous post, that basically changes the material of the solar panel to white, and I can quickly colour the panels. I should mention that each colour group represent an electrical string of solar panel, which is super helpful for engineering calculations such as voltage and cable sizing.

I hope this make sense, thanks so much for prompt reply.

You could possibly use Color by Tag. If you assign the relevant components a tag depending on color you could turn them on and off with a click. But the rest of the model will change too.

Here’s a video showing how I use the plug in to assign solar electrical strings by color.
I think that color by tag will require me to split the array to strings and assign each a color. not very practical when you have a lot of panels.