Assign shortcut to a style

Hello guys. It’s possible to assign shortcut to a style?


Uh… no. You can set up a scene that uses that style and select that scene when you want to use it.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

A bit of a follow up to Dave’s comment.
You can’t set a shortcut to a style because shortcuts are set at the Preferences level rather than the specific Model level. You can set shortcuts to the Style of Edges and Faces, so you can turn on and off things like hidden edges, x-ray and monochrome mode.

As for the scene option, you could create various scenes with varied ‘Styles’ and untick Camera Location(and anything else except style) from the settings, then changing to those scenes will only change the style without moving the camera. You can save this as a template if it is something you would want often.

Try Style Favourites or Rendering Favourites by Trogluddite in the Sketchucation extension store…you can then set your shortcut keys

It creates a toolbox and ‘View’ sub-menu (which can have shortcut keys assigned) that allow all the parameters of a model appearance to be quickly stored and recalled.
Unlike Styles and Scenes, this also includes things like the ‘Hide rest of model’ and ‘Hide similar components’ settings, fog settings, as well as all of the regular colours, shadows, x-ray, textures, default face colours etc.