Assign licence to Trimble account


I am a long term SketchUp user from germany and bought the licence over one of your distributors (computerworks). Everythings seems to work fine until I tried to use SketchUp VR this week. I licenced the SketchUp Software by entering the licence key I got from computerworks, thus SketchUp itsself works perfectly. But as I tried to use SketchUp VR it seems, that the software can only assign the licence by accessing the trimble account and checking a licence, assigned to my account. But now is the problem, that my account has no licence assigned. I only have licence and key, but cannot enter these to my trimble account, to assign the licence correctly to my user profile. Therefore I cannot use SketchUp VR fully, even though I do have a SketchUp Pro licence.

What can I do about this ? Contacting computerworks did not help me much to this point…

Thank you for your help!
Kind regards,
Philipp Gesell.

You have a classic pro license, the VR and other Viewers are only available to Subscription Pro (and Studio)
Maintenance is not the same as Subscription.
You can migrate to subscription and have access to the Viewers

Hi Mike, Thank you very much for your helpfull answer! Wonder why my distributor was not able to tell me that…
Kind regards,