Assemblies in Sketchup

I have made several components and want to now make an assembly using these components. The parts may change through the prototyping process.

Can the parts in the assembly be linked to the individual parts so that if I need to change a part, the Assembly model will update?

Not sure what you mean. Any component that is later edited will reflect in all instances of that component.

There is no true concept of ‘Assemblies’ in SketchUp. Objects can be nested and the toplevel ‘wrapper’ can be a Group or Component. But it could contain a mixture of entities. A .skp file can be inserted into another and would be wrapped as a Component. The filepath would be remembered, but would not be updated automatically, you need to ‘Reload’ manually.

Thanks Simon and Mike,

The individual parts are stored in a separate folder on our server. The Assembly is stored in another separate folder.

I figured I can just use replace component to manually update the assembly but as the assembly grows this will be more time consuming.

I used Solidworks for years and could do this so was looking to achieve a similar result but not sure if its possible in SU?

You could use the Profile Builder extension.

Associative assembly functionality is typically provided by MCAD 3D NURBS solid modelers as the mentioned SWX or Inventor or Alibre etc., which SU is per definition not.