As my School's G Suite for Education IT Administrator, how do I deploy SketchUp for Schools?

Suddenly it works… No changes from my part.

Hi There!

I still got the Unauthorized Account and I tried everything what is described here. Maybe I missed something?

  • I enrolled SketchUp for School from the Google Admin Console with a user policy.
  • Under Apps > G Suite > Classroom > Data acces enabled. Same with Drive and Documents.

Any solution?


I cannot deploy Sketchup for our G Suite users as its doesn’t appear in our G Suite Markplace. I have Classroom enabled for all our users. Im really not sure where to go from here. if someone would be able to contact me for any extra information/support? I am an IT admin for Secondary College in Australia.

Hi @Donv,

Are you able to see SketchUp for Schools at this link? And have you successfully installed other education apps following the steps outlined here?

If SketchUp for Schools is not appearing at all in the G Suite Marketplace, unfortunately we cannot troubleshoot further, as this issue is on Google’s end. If you are still having trouble, please take a look at the G Suite Administrator Help Center or try posting to the G Suite Help Forums.


The link you gave me worked. Thank you.

Hi @joy
I cannot deploy Sketchup for our G Suite users as its doesn’t appear in our G Suite Markplace.
After reading your replay to @Donv I connected G site support and they sent me back to you…
They say there is noting in my G site to avoid deploy SketchUp. Does SketchUp for School available worldwide?

@ilankoren Can you tell me what country you are located in and whether you have the Google Classroom app enabled? It is possible that SketchUp for Schools has not yet been enabled for your region as the app is not yet available worldwide.

I am from Israel.
And yes. My classroom app is enabled for all.
Best Regards

@ilankoren We’ve enabled access for Israel. Check the G Suite Marketplace and let us know if you are now able to deploy.

Dear @Steve_Ketchup. You have made my day. I feel Google SketchUp for School is changing the World Of Education in many ways. You Honor Young Pupils by paying attentions to their voice, and you produce some Top Solutions that empower both pupils and teachers all around the globe.
It has been 5h since your massage was sent. I do not find SketchUP yet.
I hope to see the change within 24 hours.

@ilankoren Thanks for the great feedback! We are working hard to bring SketchUp for Schools to Israel but we have hit an unexpected issue in deploying to your region. I will let you know as soon as you can expect to see SketchUp for Schools in the G Suite marketplace.

I’ve been trying to get into Sketchup for Schools for several weeks and it’s impossible.
I have reviewed the configuration of the domain and the application, I have reviewed Classroom and I do not understand why it does not work under my domain.
Can anybody help me?

I am unable to access Sketchup for Schools in the G Suite marketplace:

The link returns a 404 error. Where can I find this app to deploy via the Admin console.

We are experiencing an issue with the G Suite Marketplace right now, but we are working to get it fixed. Stay tuned for updates here: SketchUp For Schools Update

I’ve done all the steps. The app is deployed, classroom is on, data access granted. Still can’t login. This used to work until sometime late 2017. I got people breathing down my neck about it. I need a solution. I’m currently just pointing people at sketchup (not for schools).

@OSD your school’s domain is now whitelisted. You should be able to access next time you attempt to log in.

Here at Phoenix-Talent School District we are having the same issue. How do we get our domain whitelisted?

so and (Students use that one)


@Phoenix-TalentIT both those domains have been added.