Arrays won't import with .dwg from AutoCAD




So the title says most of it. I have multiple AutoCAD .dwg models, all of them work fine (except for the usual low res circles but that seems impossible to solve) however, the ones which have an arraypath are missing the array. Arrays are the only features missing and they are missing in every model which has one.

Any ideas?


Are AutoCAD arrays one of the SketchUp supported CAD elements ?

SketchUp User Guide


Good heavens! All these were apparently written when SketchUp was still an @Last product! Very outdated. AutoCad parametric arrays were not invented yet when the articles were written. As I pointed out in another thread, AutoCad has several entity types that fail to be mentioned at all in the Supported/Not supported table.



AKA there’s nothing I can do? :neutral_face:
Are there any alternatives you would recommend? I would really like not to have to create each iteration on its own…


Exploding to individual objects is one workaround.

Finding a 3rd-party SKP exporter extension for AutoCAD that can deal with special & parametric CAD objects.

Finding a 3rd-party DWG importer extension for SketchUp that can deal with special & parametric CAD objects.


Wow thanks a lot! This did it without hiccups.


Now in SketchUp, you have individual instances each with their own unique component definition.

Is this okay ?

Perhap there already is a plugin that will combine them back into instances of a common definition.


This is not a problem anymore, all I really needed was to get the larger amount of components through.


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