Area of a shape

Now that we can prepare a scaled drawing with Layout 2018, is it possible to display the area of a selected shape, based on the selected drawing scale?

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It’s been requested before and now itseems the right time. So +1

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We’ve been getting the same feature request from some of the other folks in the office, I will link this thread into that issue in our tracking system.

Would you want to display the area as part of a tool - similar to the tape-measure tool in SketchUp? Or would you want to see it as an option in the label tool? (or both?)


I’d like something that sticks to the model. Tape measure tool in sketchup is good to go as you design but Layout serves the purpose of documenting. So the area tag should do just that: document that shape of an area.

If we are talking about a Room area, where architects will find it most valuable would be if we could use the PID from sketchup entities to “tie” the shape we draw into changes in the model. Think of it as a complex Dimension tool that instead of dimensioning linearly would dimension polygons from sections or vertexes in the model.

Now, I’ve seen many different ways to present areas:

  • I usually place them in the bottom of a room name, inside the plan drawing, using a different text style;
  • I’ve seen many people using tables, detached from plan drawings, with room names or numbers and the area in front;
  • …There might be other scenarios.

So, it would be cool if the area could show in the center of the polygon and we could type the room name there too. We could the place it in any other place too or link the resulting value to a table.

Separating a tag from the shape would be prone to errors though as erasing the shape would still keep the tag and reconnecting a polygon to model which would resize it, would leave the tag behind.


Some great ideas there JQL. I would be happy with something to allow you
to select a shape and right-click to open a menu, with a selection to
display its area, and perhaps the perimeter, similar to the one that
displays the scale options.

Call outs with an option to use or not use the arrow-tipped leader would fit this need.

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