Text box with room name and label area

I was thinking that a good improvement in the text box can make easier to place room names with the room areas. Now, with LayOut 2018 it is possible to scale a grouped lines, so, the “tag area” can be placed and auto ajusted automaticaly if there is a special text box:

  1. place that special text box (tha its scaled and comes with a field for the room name and other to area) above the room by clickin on the first cornner and then the second (if the room is a square, if not, you hold the Ctrl key to add more cornners, gluing each point). Of course, this special text box detect the scaled model viewport and instantly generates the area measurement;

  2. type the room name;

  3. If you have to modify the model into Sketchup, no problem! Do your changes into Sketchup and update model reference into LayOut. The area will change automaticaly because its glued in each corrner.

Something like this:

Cheers!!! :sunglasses:



It should allow polylines and curves too. Connection of the shape to the model using PIDs would be key to this feature’s success. If the model changes and connection is broken, the area shape should go red, as it happens with dimensions and leaders right now.

This has been discussed before and the latest post was this one, but this time your visual example is simple and good.

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