Area of 3D Shapes Footprint or Shadow?

Can anyone explain to me how I can get the accurate area of an organic shape? I may not be using the right terminology but I am trying to figure out how to get the shadow or footprint area of a organic shape.
I attached a sample model. Is there a method to this in Sketchup, an extension, or Ruby code?
Any tips would be great. ThanksArea of Organic Shape.skp (2.4 MB)

Does this tell you what you want to know?

The Text tool does it. Selecting the face and looking at Entity Info would tell you, too.

No. I put that face into the model as an example of what I am looking for. What if I was trying to calculate the shadow from just the irregular shape above?Area of Organic Shape_No Shadow.skp (75.4 KB)

Something like this?

You might try TIG’s Shadow Projector to create a face from the shadow.

Thanks for the quick response. I cant find either of those extensions in the warehouse. Do they have other names?

They aren’t in the Warehouse. They are available from Sketchucation.

Ok. Thanks

If it’s manifold then Entity Info would tell you the volume. The Tape measure or Dimension tools could give you the height. Would dividing the volume by height be close enough ?

I could do that but I was looking for an extension or Ruby code that would allow me to do it quicker and more accurate

How about the Drape tool?