How to calculate shadow area

Hey guys,
I’m trying to find a way to calculate the area of the shadow / shade on a surface or walkway to ensure that the design is compliant with the minimum shading percentage requirement. I tried all of the shadow analysis plugins but couldn’t find what I need. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

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hello, the easiest would be to roughly draw over the shadow to get a surface that would be quantifiable.

Speaking of plugins, for more complex shapes, 1001shadows ( 1001shadows) is able to draw shadows on ground for each time or day for a given interval. I haven’t tried it recently though, not sure it’ll work with 2021

thanks @paul.millet. I am working at a masterplan level so it will take a very long time to draw the total shadow. I’ll checkout 1001 shadow. Thanks!

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I’d also recommend Tig’s Shadow Projector - which is free but you have to set the time/day manually so if you have a lot to do, 1001shadows could be worth the cost.


thanks @eric-s! I’ll check it out.

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It works well! There is ‘Shadow Colour’ by agile from. But is tres-expensive!! If budget is a concern try the 1001bit shadow.