Area calculations under 1 square foot

Odd behavior I have not seen before, I think. I am calculating slab areas (totaling multiple slab areas with some small ones) with Model defaults set to Architectural, as always. I come to a slab below one sq.ft., and SU shows sq. inches. I opened the Model Info Window, and the format remains Architectural, but the area is set to square inches and greyed. So, SU shows sq. ft. at one sq. ft. or greater, but Model Info is always set to sq. inches.

That’s not how I remember this working.

Thoughts anyone?

With Architectural Units Length, Area and Volume are fixed to Inches. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. If you want square feet, set units to Decimal or Engineering. Square inches makes sense if it’s less that a square foot. Same as with Linear dimensions less than a foot being shown in inches in Architectural units.

Thinking about it a little more, if you’re choosing Architectural units (Feet and Inches) for dimensions, what would you want to show if the area is less that a square foot?

A fraction of a square foot until much less than 100 square inches. I am totaling multiple slab areas. I solved this issue by just selecting all at once, which is 29.5 in this case.

But the question remains, why does it always show square inches of the window in “Architectural” format, I would always want square feet. Of course, SU always does unless it is under 1 square foot.

No big deal. Thanks for your help, Dave.

I’m not sure what you are having trouble with. Entity Info only shows square inches if it’s less that 144 square inches. At 144 it switches to square feet.

It doesn’t matter what it says in those fields under Length, Area, and Volume. It’ll show feet if it’s appropriate.

I don’t have trouble with it. I was wondering if it was an indication of a bigger issue. It does show square feet in the “Area” popup and does in the “Entity Info”. That fact that it shows square inches in the “Model Info” is only a curiosity at this point.

Again, thanks Dave. You are always helpful.

Well, no. It’s not an indication of a bigger issue. Might make more sense if they could hide those fields entirely when Architectural units are selected.