Are those behaviors normal?

Hi everybody.

I’d like to know if the following behaviors are normal.

  1. When I start SketchUP the extensions takes a little bit to load then.
  2. In the following video doesn’t happen, it’s usual that on the startup next to the the title of the application appears a message that says “(not responding)” for a few secs, maybe 5.
  3. Mouse cursor looks like “waiting” when I access to view > toolbards, it happens when I open it and when I close it.

Thanks in advance.

It can take some seconds to load SU, especially with many extensions. However it’s a bit strange that SU responds for some fraction of a second and then gets busy again. Maybe some paid extension insists on checking it’s license status on SU launch rather than when first interacting with it.

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Thank you, it could be. I guess I can always try disabling all extensions and see how it behave.

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