Are there any good PlugIns for LayOut yet?

Are there any good PlugIns for LayOut yet?

Don’t think there are any at all, good or bad. Are there?

LayOut doesn’t support extensions yet. The available API features are useful for some things, although I don’t know how many products are taking advantage of it yet. For example: another application could write a LayOut importer or exporter, and SketchUp extensions can generate and edit LayOut files.


Hi Marc

One obvious LayOut function that occurred to me is the ability to render a LayOut model view (using an external renderer).
Is this sort of feature possible with the current API?

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Yes, the LayOut team would love to get that done!

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OK so just to clarify, is it possible two write an extension now or is it something you’re planning to add in future?

No, it is not possible yet to create extensions for Layout. There are a few new entries in the SketchUp Ruby API to work with Layout files, but no Ruby interpreter or API within Layout itself - yet.

These’re some of my plugins for LayOut, hope you like them


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