Are there any Gamers in this Forum?

Hello Forum!
Are there any Gamers in this Forum? I am a Gamer.

Recently I played "The last of Us Part 2" on PS4 Pro. For me, this was an awesome game and one of the best stories I every played. The Gunplay and Melee-action was jaw dropping, the Leveldesign stunning, and the character-presentation 100% believably. Graphics: awesome.

I also played Ghost Recon Breakpoint (and before that G. R. Wildlands) on PC. Loved both Games. And it also made a lot of fun, playing these games with some friends in coop-mode.

I´m looking forward to play the new Flight Simulator 2020. Release: August, 18th.

Funny thing:
Being a 3d-Modeler/architectural draftsman, I always take a lot of time just to examine the Level-Design, the Buildings and Interiors. :smiley:
Quite stunning in these days, how good those things are made and visually presented.

What are you playing?
Greetings, Peter

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