Are there a way to "pin" the most used files (in the folder)

I often working with projects that request many Enscape proxies and separeted files and Its making difficult to find them when I want to. I need them to be all in the same folder so I was wandering if there was a way to “pin” the most used files (in the folder) this way it would be always showing on top, away for the skb files or something similar but in the SketchUp menu?

Use subfolders…

Prepend a string in the file name in order to be always sorted at the beginning. Like AA_Name.skp

not allowed at this point because they all proxies and need to be in this folder

You can right click on empty space of the Open dialog and Sort by> Date modified…
You can select to show only skp files or
You can also the Use Group by> e.g. Type.