ARCHLine.XP LIVE Plugin for SketchUp

Was wondering what the SU-Pro Architectural community think of this SU-Plugin ?

Link below:-

Looks impressive but I can’t sit through an hour of musack-backed video!

585 Euros apparently.

The lift music (musack… :slight_smile: ) is only the intro from 3mins to 5mins, the rest is the demo between SU & ArchLine-Live. You can fast forward most YOUTUBE content these days. Anyway, looks quick to use & back forth from SU & Archline-Live for updating is good to see, I also like the moving people.

The results are not nearly as visually high-end as TwinMotion, Enscape, Lumion or VRay but the pricing is rather competetive. Curious to see what they’re planning next.

Update & article, please see link below:-

To all,

Looks like another update for Archline-XP-Live plugin for SketchUP, link below for YOUTUBE vid.