SU Podium CPU render user, looking for a GPU real time render extension to acompany it

I have been using SU Podium for years for my renders. For me, a very cost-effective and intuitive easy to use extension, which uses my good CPU for render jobs.

These render jobs are sometimes big and cost computing power, so I usually find something else to do or let them run overnight.

During my Sketchup workflow though, I have been using it’s brother from the same company, Walker GPU as a real time render machine to quickly check my work before I send compositions to SU Podium. As Walker is GPU based, I can continue to work without problems like over consumed computing power.

Unfortunately, ProWalker GPU is discontinued as of Sketchup 2024 and while the company offers an alternative in the form of PodiumxRT for real time rendering, it is CPU based, giving me the issue that I am unable to continue my work while it is rendering.

So: I am very happy still with SU Podium and am looking for an affordable GPU based real time render alternative to work besides it. The issue I think I might have, is that SU Podium uses its own material base with material settings and I am doubting another renderer would work with that.

If a complete rethink is in order; switch to another package, I am also interested, but it would have to be affordable, easy to use, and use my gpu for real time rendering.

Thank you! Steven

Enscape is probably the most widely used realtime renderer - the results you will get from that will also be far greater than Walker, as it is much more sophisticated.

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Thank you Adam, the thought crossed my mind, but looking at the costs, it is not what I am looking for.

Twinmotion is another - free to use if your business has less than 1m revenue

Thank you, I will check that out!

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